4 Steps for Applying Makeup on Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is everyone’s worst nightmare, that is why it’s essential to be careful about the products you use on an everyday basis whether it’s your skincare or makeup products. You could have acne for many reasons, but it’s important to treat your acne-prone skin with kindness and smartly using products that help to fight it, and that doesn’t let it get worse.

Matte Foundations for The Win:

A dewy foundation is a straight-up NO for acne-prone skin. According to dermatologists, one should be aware of their skin type and acne-prone skin is mostly oily, that is why products that are oil-based should be avoided at all costs. Oil-based products cause excess lubrication that your skin doesn’t really need. For oily skin, products that are oil-free and offer a matte or semi-matte finish should be opted for.

Double Cleansing Will Do You Wonders:

Cleansing is a very essential step when it comes to skincare. When you suffer from acne, double cleansing is an acne treatment that is adopted by many. Instead of using makeup wipes to remove the makeup, you can use an oil cleanser to get rid of the makeup from your face. The Face Shop Real Blend Deep Cleansing Oil is a blend of essential oils and is chemical-free which can be used for acne-prone skin for cleansing as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

After you’re done with the oil cleanser, rinse your face with water. Then you can use a cleansing foam. E.L.F cosmetics has a very wide range of skincare products and their E.L.F Face Cleanser has a great chemical-free mild formula to deeply cleanse your skin from impurities. You can also use the acne spot gel for your acne treatment by the E.L.F cosmetics to minimize the redness of your pimples.

Coordinate Your Makeup Routine with Your Cycle:

Most of us ladies are aware of our cycles and when you’re about to get your period, your hormone levels are changing and results in a breakout around that time. Therefore, it’s wise to bring a few changes to your everyday makeup routine to match the PH level of your skin. You can switch to formulas that are lightweight and can even apply less makeup if you can let your skin breathe.

Avoid Products with Drying Ingredients:

There is an insane amount of remedies on the internet to dry out your pimples. But dermatologists disagree because dehydrating your skin can have an opposite impact on your skin. To compensate for the dehydration caused by any makeup or skincare products your skin will produce more oil which can worsen your acne. Drying ingredients also prevents your skin from completing its natural exfoliating process and doesn’t let the dead skin cells fall off from your skin on their own.

Let Your Beautiful Skin Breathe:

If you can, you should definitely go makeup-free especially when you’re struggling with acne. A skin without makeup can drastically improve the healing of your acne-prone skin and let your pores heal a lot faster. Although going makeup-free is quite challenging, but if you do you will watch your skin visibly improve in a few days.

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